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Rarity Photos
 Night Heron
Night Heron
Carr Mill Dam
 22nd May 2016
© Derek Williams
female Black Redstart
Black Redstart
Brookfield St
Earlestown, NLW
17th February 2015
     Little Egret
Little Egret
Carr Mill Dam
© Derek Williams 

Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck
Newton Lake
7th April 2014

Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck
Newton Lake
7th April 2014

Ring necked duck
Ring-necked Duck
Newton Lake
7th April 2014

© Steve Bond

American Black Tern
Black Tern 

Eccleston Mere

© Colin Davies

Adult Summer Med Gull
Med Gull
 Newton Lake, NLW 
Arctic Tern
Arctic Tern

Eccleston Mere

© Paul Brady


male Pied Flycatcher 
Pied Flycatcher
aylor Park
© Damian Pendlebury
Andover Road
Bittern at Carr Mill 
Carr Mill Dam
© Dennis Eagling 
Bittern at Carr Mill 
Carr Mill Dam
© Dennis Eagling 
Bittern at Carr Mill 
Carr Mill Dam
© Dennis Eagling 

Juv Arctic Tern
Juv Arctic Tern

Eccleston Mere


Napier Close
Town Centre

© Paul Brady

Ring Ouzel 
  Ring Ouzel

Billinge Hill

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    January 2017     Pair of Goosanders starts the month at Carr Mill, Pink-foots at Rainford mid month and at last some Waxings sightings towards months end.
    February 2017   Couple of Waxwing sightings and a male Red-crested Pochard,  1st winter Glaucous Gull, adult Iceland Gull seen at Lyme Wood tip. 
    March 2017       Stonechat reported start of the month at Rainford, male Scaup at Eccleston Mere mid month, Wheatear and 75 Curlew at Old Coach Road. 
    April 2017         Swallows and House Martins arrive,  Tree Pipit at Billinge, Wheatear are in, Common Tern - Common Sandpiper at Carr Mill end of month.
    May 2017          Common Terns, Common Sandpiper & a late record of a female Goosander early month at Carr Mill, Cuckoo reported twice in Billinge area.
    June 2017         Very quiet month, hi-lights at Carr Mill a Hobby and a Common Sandpiper recorded a few times during the month, Med Gull over at Billinge. 
    July 2017          A very very quiet month for sightings, highlights - Grasshopper Warbler reeling at Eccleston Mere and a Common Sandpiper at Carr Mill Dam.
    August 2017      Another quiet month for sightings, last of the Swifts reported also Tree Pipits and Redstart seen around Billinge Hill at the end of the month. 
   September 2017  Small skeins of Pink-foots reported first half of the month, Egret species over Clock Face on 16th, Hooded Crow from 26th from A580 Haydock.
   October 2017      Last report of the Hooded Crow is the 11th of the month, lots of Pink-foots reported throughout the month, lots happening around Billinge area.
   November 2017  Lots of Pink-footed Geese movement in first half of the month, couple of Crossbills over Billinge on the 8th and Brambling on feeder on 26th.
   December 2017    Two sightings of a Little Egret at Carr Milll and later at Rainford on 8th / 16th of the month were the only hilights of a quiet month for bird news.



    January 2016     Egyptian Goose reported at Eccleston Mere, Pink-footed Geese low in numbers around Rainford, upto 5 Shelduck at Newton Lake. 
    February 2016   Shelduck throughout the month at Newton LakeGoosanders start of month Sankey Canal in NLW, Stonchat along Rainford Bypass. 
    March 2016        Migration begins with Chiffchaffs reported from the 21st followed by 5 Sand Martin - 1 Swallow - 1 House Martin
  at Carr Mill on the 27th.
    April 2016          Osprey reported start of month, migrants all in with the first Swift reported on 22nd, finishing the month with a Pied Flycatcher at Taylor Pk.
    May 2016           Month starts with a Pied Flycatcher at Taylor Park, all migrants now in, month ends with a mega Night Heron at Carr Mill Dam - photo
    June 2016          Very quiet month, Oystercatchers seem to be increasing in numbers around the area, Common Scoter briefly at Carr Mill. 
    July 2016           Just the odd sightings of Curlew, Common & Green Sandpiper and month ends with a Osprey reported on BirdGuides over Eccleston Mere.
    August 2016       Osprey reported on BirdGuides over Eccleston Mere,  Whinchat and Stonechat regular down Moss Lane,  Cuckoo at Clinckham Wood.
   September 2016  Green Sandpipers at Newton Lake and Carr Mill, Yellow-browed Warbler caught in local ringers nets, first Pink-footed Geese over Billinge.
   October 2016       Ring Ouzel early + Yellow-browed Warbler end of month in Billinge area,  2 distant Whooper Swans with large Pink Footed Goose flock.  
November 2016   Dipper seen twice at Sankey Valley, Blackbrook,  Woodlark - Firecrest and a flyover Waxwing reported from around the Billinge area. 
December 2016   Quiet month, only a couple of sightings of Pink-footed Geese around, single Waxwing ringed in Billinge area, Redwings and Fieldfare around.

    January 2015     Upto 4 Blackcaps around the borough, couple of Shelduck at Newton Lake and the colder weather bring the Goosanders in.
    February 2015 
  4 Shelduck on & off Newton Lake, Goosanders on canal at Havannah Flash female Black Redstart at NLW - photos 1- 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
    March 2015        Shelducks at Newton Lake, female Black Redstart still at Brookfield St till 20th, Chiffchaffs from 14th, Hen Harrier reported on 27th. 
    April 2015           Migrants arrive, plenty of Blackcaps, Willow Warblers and Chiffchaffs in,Yellow Wagtails middle of month,Swifts in end of month. 
    May 2015            Breeding in full flow with young starting to apprear, possible Red Kite over Haydock island on the 16th, lots of Yellow Wagtails around. 
    June 2015           Very quiet month around, highlights 2 Quail reported near Billinge sadly next day one was found dead also Curlew flew over Billinge. 
    July 2015            Eclipse male Pintail at Newton Lake for 2 wks plus Green Sandpiper end of month, Peregrine photos 1 - 2 - 3 on roof opposite my house.   
    August 2015        Late report of Arctic Tern photo at Carr Mill Dam on 8th, Pintail at Newton till 22nd, Rarity Bonelli’s Warbler end of month around Billinge. 
   September 2015  Curlews at Coach Rd start the month, end of month comes in with a Red Kite, Dipper and Osprey and first Pink-footed Geese sightings.
   October 2015       Regular sightings of small skeins of Pink-footed geese around + Redwings and Fieldfares thru. House Martin still at nest to 17th at least. 
   November 2015   Med Gull on Carr Mill Dam on 17th, large numbers of Buzzards reported all month between Racecourse and the A580 by Lady Hill Plantation.
   December 2015   Smaller numbers of Buzzards plus 100 Golden Plover reported by Lady Hill Plantation, small movement of Pink-footed Geese around the area.


   January 2014       Two Shelduck at Newton Lake from middle of the month,  Eccleston Mere has most interest in a quiet start to the year. 
    February 2014    Shelducks on & off at Newton Lake also Teal numbers down on previous years. Kittiwake at Eccleston Mere for 1 day. 
    March 2014         Month starts with Stonechats at Billinge Hill then Sand Martins arrive, Wheatear end of month and a Ring Ouzel last day.
    April 2014           Rarity on the 7th April found by yours truly a male Ring-necked Duck at Newton Lake stayed only one day, other migrants arrive.
    May 2014            Common Sandpiper twice at Eccleston Mere also 4 Common Scoter over mid month, single Dunlin at Carr Mill.
    June 2014           Very quiet month, Yellow Wagtails around Rainford Mosslands area also Hobby seen around the Old Coach Road area.
    July 2014            Quiet month, highlights - 10 Common Sandpipers at Carr Mill, 17+ Curlew at Rainford Mosslands also there 1 Cuckoo.
   August 2014        Green Sandpiper regular at Newton Lake, Spotted Flycatchers at Billinge and a Black Tern ends the month at Eccleston Mere.
    September 2014  Corncrake at Kings Moss at start of month, Pink-footed Geese return and end of the month has a Red Kite over Haydock.
    October 2014       Pink-foots numbers build up at Old Coach Rd/Dairy Farm Rd and over Billinge, Redwings seen towards the end of month.
    November 2014   Willow Tit at my bird feeders, 5000+ Pinkies + a single Whooper Swan at Dairy Farm Rd / Old Coach Rd end of month.
    December 2014    5 Woodcock flushed at Colliers Moss,
 Unexpected Grey Seal at Newton Brook, NLW, 2 Goosanders at Newton Lake. 


    January 2013       Bramblings a good start to the year at Rainford, couple of Waxwing singhting around and Jack Snipe at Eccleston Mere.
    February 2013     Eccleston Mere proving eventfull, Waxwings at Rivington Road, a White-fronted Goose with Pink-foots at Old Coach Rd.
    March 2013          Waxwings sightings galore throughout the month, Early Chiffchaff at Eccleston Mere + a Brambling visiting nearby gdns.
    April 2013            A few rare birds thru, Red-breasted Merganser, Osprey, Pied Flycatcher, Arctic Terns also Wheatears galore at Windle.
    May 2013             Action packed birding month with Grasshopper Warblers, Merlin, Redshanks, Yellow Wagtails and lots of  Wheatears still.
    June 2013            Lots of breeding all round + Yellow Wagtails in Billinge area and a Common Sandpiper at end of month at Eccleston Mere.
    July 2013             Adult Med Gull briefly at Newton Lake which then followed by family of Little Ringed Plovers dropping into months end.
    August 2013         Common Sandpiper at Newton Lake, Curlews galore at Old Coach Rd, first of the returning Pink-foots with 3 over on 28th.
    September 2013  Pink-foots are here, immature Ganet over Haydock Island + a Yellow-browed Warbler reported in a garden in Rainford.
    October 2013       Pink-foots reported throughout the month, Redwings, Fieldfares, Brambling at Billinge, Chiffchaff still at Eccleston Mere. 
    November 2013   Redwings and Fieldfares widley reported, Merlin seen from a car and a Jack Snipe reported - very rare in St Helens.
    December 2013   Quiet end to the year, male - female Blackcaps overwintering and a bit of movement of Pink-footed Geese around the area.

    January 2012       A low flying Glossy Ibis reported over the town centre on 23rd, a quiet month poss due to the mild conditions.
    February 2012      Mandarin Ducks at Linkway Ponds, couple of Shelduck  at Newton Lake for one day, quiet month all round
     March 2012           Star bird on 27th Bittern at Carr Mill Dam, Green Sandpiper at Newton Lake, Wheatears in at end of month. 
    April 2012             Wheatears, Sand/House Martins, Swallows all in, a Ring Ouzel briefly, Swifts in at the end of month.
    May 2012              A good month to be out, migrants all in, Short-eared Owl at Old Coach Road, Whinchat on Clare's Moss.
    June 2012             Report of a White Stork over the town centre on Monday 18th of interest, otherwise a quite month all round.
    July 2012              Green Sandpiper at Newton Lake, juvenile Cuckoo at Dairy Farm Road and Barn Owls at Eccleston Park.
    August 2012          *** American Black Tern ***  at Eccleston Mere at end of month, Green Sandpipers regular at Newton Lake.
    September 2012   ** American Black Tern** still into 1st week of month, Pink-footed Geese start to arrive from middle of the month. 
    October 2012        Pink footed Geese numbers increase, Redwings and Fieldfares arrive, Ring Ouzel passed thru at Billinge Hill.
    November 2012    Waxings at last on the 12th,  a Jack Snipe at Eccleston Mere and Bramblings at New Cut Lane at months end. 
    December 2012    Bramblings reach 30+ at New Cut Lane and Waxwings photo1 photo2 continue to show a couple of more times.

   January 2011
      Waxwings  galore in first half of month, then getting scarcer by the end of month, also  Goosanders  around.
    February 2011    Quiet month only a few Waxwings sightings, couple of Barn Owl reports and two Shelduck at Newton Lake.
March 2011         Waxwings to end of month, migrants start to come in with Chiffchaffs, Willow Warbler and Sand Matins. 
    April 2011           Fire at the gas tower Photo   Most migrants in, Swallows, Warblers now in + 5 Yellow Wagtails at Old Coach Road.
    May 2011            All migrants now in, Whitethroats, Willow Warblers, Swallows, House Martins, Swifts etc now all here.
  June 2011           A quite month all round with juveniles of all species seen throughout.
   July 2011            Green Sandpipers return to Newton Lake and a Hobby got photographed  photo  over at Carr Mill Dam.
   August 2011        Little Gull and escape Cackling Goose  photo  at Eccleston Mere, Tree Pipits  photo  over Billinge Hill. 
    September 2011  Arctic & Black Terns thru at Prescot Reservoirs, Whinchat photo,  escapee Cackling Goose at Carr Mill.
   October 2011       Pink-footed geese arrive in big numbers, + Redwings, Fieldfares  the odd Swallow thru during the month. 
    November 2011   Hen Harrier over at Rainford + a long staying Long-tailed Duck at the (permit only) Prescot Reservoirs. 
    December 2011   Long-tailed Duck still at Prescot Reservoirs, unknown Golden Pheasant in Eccleston, Goosanders at Newton Lake.

    January 2010      Freezing conditions brings Slavonian Grebe to Carr Mill, Goosanders on to the Sankey Brook and Newton Lake.
 February 2010    Little Egret starts the month & the long staying Mandarins on Linkway Retail Park Ponds plus Goosanders throughout, 
    March 2010         Migrants  starting to come in, a female Goosander present throughout the month at the Retail Park Ponds. 
    April 2010           Swallows to Swifts, Wheatears to Warblers,  Whimbrel and a Ring Ouzel all been seen this month.
 May 2010            Migrants now all in, first young starting to appear, a Hobby and a poss Pallid Swift seen at Carr Mill Dam.  
June 2010           Osprey reported at Carr Mill, a quite month all round with juveniles of all species seen all around the borough.
  July 2010            Quiet month, Green Sandpipers showing throughout the month at Newton Lake, NLW.     
 August 2010        Green Sandpipers all thru the month, best bird has to be the juv Arctic Tern at Eccleston Mere for 10 days.
 September 2010  Green Sandpipers thru the month, and Goshawk, Arctic & Black Tern and Ring-billed Gull going thru. 
 October 2010       Single sightings of Whooper Swans, poss Rough-legged Buzzard and  2 Waxwings seen.
 November 2010   Ring-billed Gull at Prescot Reservoirs thru the month and Waxwing and a Dipper pay a brief visit in the area.
 December 2010   Ring-billed Gull - Med Gull at Prescot Reservoirs, a couple of Waxwings and a Little Egret pay us a brief visit. 

January 2009       The Great Northern Diver sees in the new year, and Goosanders on the Sankey Brook.

February 2009      Iceland Gulls and Med Gulls at Prescot Reservoirs and Goshawk off Burrows Lane.

March 2009          Summer migrants start to arrive towards the months end. 

April 2009            Black-necked Grebe at Eccleston Mere, Common Sands & Grasshopper Warblers arrive mid month followed by Swifts towards months end.

May 2009              Lots of migrants now all in, Garganey at Prescot Reservoirs and Whinchat at Carr Mill.

June 2009            Osprey reported at Carr Mill and Sandpipers starting to drift through towards the months end.

July 2009              Common and Green Sandpipers thru the month at Prescott Reservoirs and at Penkford Flash at end of month. 

August 2009          Green Sandpipers continue to be regular all thru the month at Prescott Reservoirs and at Penkford Flash. 

September 2009   Avocet for one day and a Ring-billed Gull at Prescot Reservoirs sees the month out, Redwings at Carr Mill.
October 2009        Good mix of birds reported throughout the month, also vis migration of birds passing through.

November 2009    Quite month, lots of rain throughout, escaped Harris Hawk at Newton Lake surviving to months end at least.

December 2009   Slavonian Grebe and Red-crested Pochard at Prescot Reservoirs, report of Waxwings thru over Sutton. 



January 2008      Male Mandarin duck appears in St Helens again.  --   Birdwatching web site building takes place.
February 2008     Plenty of Redwings and Fieldfare around.     Birdwatching in St Helens web site goes live.

March 2008         Passage birds starting to migrate in and out of the area.

April 2008           Cattle Egret comes to St Helens, if only just for a day.  

May 2008            Whitethroats and Willow Warblers, House Martins and Swifts now all here.
June 2008           Quiet month all round with breeding taking place at all sites all over St Helens.
July 2008             Report of a Red Kite around Rainford and 166 Curlews in fields off Old Coach Road.

August 2008         Marsh Harrier rare in St Helens, passes thru and first Pink-footed Geese are back last day of the moth.
September 2008   Rarity's such as Grey Phalarope and Marsh Harrier are the stars at Prescot Reservoirs. 
October 2008        Winter migrants arrive with Pink-footed Geese in their thousands and a poss wild Ross's Goose with them.
November 2008    Female Pintail at Newton Lake and lots of geese around St Helens.
December 2008     Juvenile Great Northern Diver present till the end of the year at Prescot Reservoirs.





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